Boo Boos and Bites

Love your little ones ...

We believe that even small boo boos deserve a little lovin. BOO BOOS AND BITES Stick is a soothing balm (for minor boo boos and bites) that glides on softly, quickly and easily to provide a little comfort in times of need. Indigenous populations have used Andiroba, Copaiba, Tea Tree and Ylang Ylang oils for centuries to comfort insect bites, heal skin irritations and calm nerves. We’ve combined these purifying oils with our signature blend of moisturizing butters to help take the bite out of your little one’s boo boos.


Chill Out

Love your chill time

Rushing to the airport? Stuck in a line? Finals? Carpools? Can’t get a real human on the phone?…Ahhhhh! Seems like a lot of us could use some chill time. CHILL OUT Stick is a head-to-toe moisturizing balm for soothing dry skin, taming fly-aways, moisturizing lips and more! With naturally calming, pure Lavender essential oil, infused into our signature blend of nourishing butters and purifying oils with antioxidant rich ingredients and vitamin C, it’s like a spa… in a stick so you can chill out anytime, anywhere.


Stuffed Up

Breathe in the Love

No one thinks about breathing, except when you can’t. And pure Eucalyptus, Camphor and Peppermint essential oils are big helpers when it comes to stuffy noses. STUFFED UP Stick is a combination of these therapeutic oils and our signature blend of moisturizing butters. Easy to rub on your chest or back, safe for adults and little ones too and way more natural than the stuff our parents used to rub on us.



Love your skin ...

Sometimes your world gets hectic and it’s easy to forget things like elbows. But in our world, all parts are created equal. SKIN Stick is a head-to-toe moisturizing balm with naturally uplifting pure lemon essential oil and is a beautiful remedy for dry skin patches, softening cuticles, moisturizing your face and lips, taming fly-aways, giving your cheeks a dewy glow and much more! SKIN stick is packed with nourishing butters and purifying oils, antioxidant rich ingredients, fat with essential fatty acids and loaded with vitamin C to naturally nourish.


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